Chairman’s Letter

In the name of our God the most merciful and most graceful, I greet all our clients from all over the world, young & old.

When I first started on this adventure in creating a world of cakes with the highest quality, delicious in taste, nutritious and healthy for the whole family to enjoy, I never imagined that so many people would embrace and support our efforts for our products.

From this our brand name “Jordina” was born and established as a result of the continuous support from our community and inevitability grew very fast to capture the daily lives of our communities.

As a result of the strong relationship with our community we were able to develop a large range of products to satisfy all expectations of our clientele young & old. Over the years our continuous growth brought about a natural demand of our products into our neighboring countries with amazing results.

Our slogan “Jordina means quality and price” came out from our fundamental believes that our products should be enjoyed by everybody no matter what spectrum of society are in the many countries our products are placed.

We have been doing this for a number of years now and despite against all odds we managed to be on the top of our competitors, thanks to the continuous support of our communities and the careful investment into our production lines and manufacturing facilities from selected manufacturers of Germany, Italy, Denmark, Holland, England and Australia where experience and know -how of the latest technologies is appreciated all over the world.

Following on to our success, time came about to venture into new markets from all over the world. Markets such as U.S.A, Canada, Europe, Africa and the Far East are now being developed with high expectations.

Once again I thank you and salute you for your continuous support which nourishes our efforts for a continuous growth.

My Sincere Wishes.
Chairman of the Saudi – Jordanian Ind. Dev. Co.