The Fact


The same thoughts were used when constructing our new manufacturing facilities where the efforts for cleainess and healthy enviroment were paramount importance

Management Of The Company

The company’s management invested in the application of ISO 22000, where the management of the application of employee programs is seen in the performance of their duties in all ISO systems, HACCP rules and various systems in points requests Meanwhile, the brand name “Jordina” was established throughout the local market and its surroundings, and today "Jordina" reaps the lion's share everywhere she participates

Approached Countries

We have approached countries such as Germany, Italy, England, Denmark, Holland, Australia etc. During our long discussions our management were insisting that always the manufacturers use the latest state of art computerized systems on all our equipment for the sole purpose of achieving high quality production and consistent repeatability.

Success Story

continuing over the years the company also invested in new production lines for new products so as to complement the large range of products it has today. To this end the company entered into a massive investment program for machinery and new premises. All new lines were selected and purchased from countries with the highest reputation in quality and relevant know how appreciated from manufacturers all over the world.

Our Company

Since 1999, the corporate culture and principles established under the name Jordina in the industry, management, marketing, trade, advertising and relations with society carry Jordina to being more than only a famous brand.


Jordina’s mission is to build a good customer relationship and as to understand their needs, also peruse the never-ending research and development within its organization.


Jordina’s vision is to produce high quality healthy products that exceed the expectations of all its customers.

Company Strategy

Jordina’s Company Strategy is to become the Middle East leading manufacturer of bakery and confectionery products with the highest quality, second to none.

Core Values

Jordina’s paramount core value to integrate HONESTY, INTEGRITY and business ethics in all aspects of the company’s activities.


To increase the Jordina’s assets and investments, in order to support the continuous development of new products to fully meet its customers’ expectations.


Take your product home from the market faster, and with better taste

We believe in expanding our scope work on our products that help our customer achive all their nutrional requirments from one place


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We provide you with all your delicious food requieerments

We achive anutrional value that is mesurable to the customer's needs

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